Armchair Telethon National Sales Representative

Contact: Sean Spence,


Elevator Pitch for Armchair Telethon (probably too long)

This is about making money and making the world a better place. This sounds a little crazy, but we have stumbled into a billion-dollar market that will not fully exist for 3-5 years, so we have first mover advantage and maybe 6-12 months to build a real lead. We were one of the first to see the market a few weeks ago and others are quickly starting to see it. What we are doing is leveraging trends in the internet, entertainment, and online giving to create virtual fundraising telethons (which every nonprofit in the country will either be doing or trying in 3-5 years). We created one of the first in the nation a few weeks ago, when basically nobody else was doing it, and less than a week ago, Saturday Night Live’s Tina Fey did one in New York that raised $115 million (this just proves the point, we were in no way connected to this event). We are assembling a nationally prominent advisory board that will help us build a national company quickly. This will create opportunities for people all over the country and all over the world.


National Sales Representative Goal

The goal is to get Armchair Telethon as many customers as possible; there is no limit. Our preference is that you pursue national telethons, which provide higher commissions, but you are welcome to pursue local and statewide telethons, as well. Our belief is that someone who is going to succeed at this will make commissions of at least a few thousand dollars within the first two weeks, and will ramp up quickly from there.


Pricing/Commission (Prices will increase June 1st)

Price                Commission

Local Telethons, cities with population up to 499,000                      $2,000             $200*

Local Telethons, cities with population 500,000 or more                  $4,000             $400*

Statewide Telethons                                                                           $4,000             $400*

National Telethons                                                                             $8,000             $800


* Once you sell four in a month, commission goes to 20%; bonus of $10,000 for every 10 national telethons sold. Commissions will be paid each Friday for any checks received in the previous week. Customers have an option to make a half payment when their agreement is signed; in this case, the representative will be paid for the full commission when the first check is received.


Sales Process Thoughts

  • Based on current results, our belief is that a hard-core salesperson could make at least 50 statewide sales in 90 days.
  • We would like to start with a 90-day trial run, beginning the day we sign an agreement.
  • Finding prospects is primarily up to you; we are happy to help you think that through
  • As long as you keep us informed, you can go after anyone who meets the criteria, anywhere in the country, outside Missouri
  • If you need any materials or anything else to make a sale, we will do our best to provide it
  • Support we can offer
    • Information
    • Advisory board members – we can just share their names or I can get them to reach out if we feel like it will make a substantial difference
    • Sean would be happy to close sales or help close them and still give you the full commission – so you can either close the sale or just get it teed up for Sean
  • Sales processes – as an early stage company, these sorts of things are in the process of being developed; we will work on that together
  • Criteria for prospects (and there will always be exceptions)
    • Pull heart strings
    • Fairly large
    • Reputable
    • Strong board of directors
    • Broad base of support
    • Non-controversial
  • Prospect categories
    • Well-known non-profit organizations
    • Fire/Police department fundraising groups
    • Public high school fundraising groups
    • Colleges and Universities (departments, schools, etc.)
    • Hospital fundraising groups
    • Certain political committees (Congressional and higher, large county parties, state parties)