Central Missouri has a strong nonprofit community, with organizations and leaders that make an incredible impact on our community. We should be proud of what so many have built and are building, every day.

There is a lot of work that could be done, though, to strengthen our nonprofit community, overall. We could do more to uplift organizations that struggle. We could do more to provide resources for worthy causes that need the help.

This is not a criticism of what so many are currently doing. We can see the incredible work of United Way, Central Missouri Community Foundation, and others. They would readily admit that so much more could be done to strengthen central Missouri’s nonprofit community foundation, to provide more resources, tools, training, and so on,

Better Nonprofits is a private company, sure, but a big part of our mission is to provide ways to strengthen our nonprofit community, to make it easier for all organizations to succeed and provide needed services.

Here are a few things we need:

  1. More educational opportunities for nonprofit professionals and volunteers, at all levels
  2. Access to cost-effective professional services: fundraising, marketing, accounting, etc.
  3. Stronger and more frequent connection among nonprofit professionals and volunteer leadership
  4. Greater diversity of nonprofit professionals and volunteer leadership

These are just a few of the things we need to strengthen our nonprofit community.

I wonder what else should be on the list?

Written By Sean Spence