Better Nonprofits provides Expertise and Staff Power to
Build Stronger Nonprofit Organizations

Better Nonprofits Offers a Wide Range of Services
to Meet Organization Needs

  • Armchair Telethon Creation and Management
  • Free, 90-minute fundraising workshops for nonprofit leadership groups
  • Free, 90-minute marketing workshops for nonprofit leadership groups
  • 90-Day Fundraising Success Booster
  • Part-Time Development Director
  • Part-Time Marketing Director
  • Part-Time Executive Director
  • Event production (fundraising or otherwise)
  • Special projects – fundraising, marketing, or other

Armchair Telethon

Armchair Telethon – The 100% online, easy-for-you fundraiser; never leave your armchair!

Armchair Telethons will soon be an important fundraising tool. You should have one.

Our belief is that the virtual fundraising telethon is a wave of the future and will soon be just one more tool in the nonprofit fundraiser’s kit. Picture a telethon like any other you may have seen on TV over the years, but 100% online – with musicians, other entertainers, and speakers, all joining the event from their homes or wherever they happen to be. The goal is to entertain, inform, and raise money.

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Better Nonprofits
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Free Stuff for Better Nonprofits

Better Nonprofits is an Option for Nonprofits that need help with:

  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Overall Leadership

Better Nonprofits is available for:

  • Short-term or Long-term Engagements
  • Specific Projects or Events
  • Filling interim roles
  • Serving in part-time positions

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